Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Clay Moulding

'Creativity is  as natural  and necessary for children as fresh air and sunshine'.   
A Clay Moulding activity was conducted for the students of Pre school  on 18 October 2016 (Tuesday). It was the perfect platform for the creative minds to meet their colourful desire and fantasy needs. Children worked wonders using clay and made various animals like elephant, octopus, snake, caterpillar and many other colourful animals and brought the theme 'Animals' alive.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Visit to Gandhi Smriti

'Be the change that you wish

to see in the world.' - Mahatma Gandhi

On 15 October 2016 (Saturday), the students of class I visited Gandhi Smriti, formerly known as 'Birla Bhavan' a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. It is the place where he spent the last 144 days of his life. Students, contemplated and honoured various exhibits associated with Gandhiji's life and death in that multimedia museum. Through this visit students got a better insight into the life of the 'Mahatma' who believed in non-violence. They appreciated completely modern and sophisticated interactive exhibits and assimilated Gandhiji's message of simplicity, truth and non-violence, 'My life is my message.'

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Old Age Home Visit

                              'Listen to your elder's advice,
                               Not because they are always right,
                               but because they have more
                               experience being wrong.'

Students of class II were taken to 'Vanprastha' old age home Sec-16, Rohini on 01.10.16 (Saturday) to celebrate International World Elderly Day. They understood and appreciated senior citizens' role in the society. They entertained them with their jokes and dance performances. A cake and various gifts were presented to them. The visit certainly made them realize our duty and responsibility towards such people.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Cooking without fire"

Cooking is not a rocket science, all you need is love. Learners of Class II took a giant leap and tried their hands on cooking on 28.09.2016 (Wednesday) in an especially carved activity “Cooking without Fire” for them. They played with many interesting ingredients like fresh veggies, fruits, chocolates, bread, sprouts, dry fruits, coconuts, corns etc. They prepared lip-smacking dishes which were an instant hit with the judges, who appreciated the efforts of all the little chefs whole heartedly.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A visit to Superstore

"Practical knowledge is the best knowledge"

To widen the horizon of the  students on the importance of helpers in our community, a visit to Superstore was organized for the students of Pre Primary on 27.09.16 (Tuesday). Students gained first hand information of how to purchase things themselves. They were introduced to various helpers like Cashier, Sales person, Guard and the Owner. The visit also made them independent as they learnt to take care of their own money and to collect the bill from the cashier. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Clothes Activity

''Fashion fades but style is eternal."

It's not important what you wear, it's the spirit inside that matters. To impress upon the importance of style, an activity on clothes was organized for the students of class I on 26 September 2016 (Monday). Students came dressed up in different costumes and uniforms for the same. The activity helped them to coin their bag with more knowledge about clothes worn by different people in different seasons. The uniform of pilot, soldier, doctor etc. and the costumes of various states made them proud. It was a day of fun learning for them.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Helpers' Day

'Gratitude must be our attitude'

Helpers' Day was observed on 23.09.16 (Friday) by the students of Pre School. The day highlighted the ceaseless efforts of people who facilitate the functioning of society through their undying contribution. Children simulated various roles played by them and came decked in their respective helpers' role. They impressed one and all present there with their effortless depiction which was based on their day to day observation. The activity taught them to be grateful to all these community helpers and to acknowledge their efforts too.